SLNG Gas Terminal

About the project

Singapore LNG Corporation (SLNG) is the owner, developer and operator of Singapore’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, which is also the first open-access, multi-user LNG terminal in Asia. The Terminal is a critical infrastructure that helps to strengthen Singapore’s energy security by allowing LNG to be imported from anywhere in the world, thereby reducing reliance on piped natural gas.
Beyond energy security, the Terminal also serves as a platform and catalyst for the development of LNG-related businesses in Singapore, and to establish the Country as an LNG hub for the region. With more than 95% of electricity in Singapore being generated using natural gas, the SLNG Terminal serves to enhance the country’s energy security by enabling natural gas to be shipped to Singapore from anywhere in the world. It also serves as a platform to facilitate the establishment of new LNG-related businesses, thereby contributing to the growth of Singapore’s energy industry and the creation of new job opportunities.

Situated on a 40-hectare plot at the southern-most tip of Jurong Island, the Singapore LNG Terminal is the first open-Access, multi-user LNG terminal in Asia; and one of the first in the world to be designed. The Terminal began commercial operations in May 2013 and its primary mandate is to provide Throughput Services for the domestic market, mainly in power generation. Beyond this, SLNG also offers ancillary services such as Vessel Cool-down, Storage & Reload, and LNG Truck Loading services.

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PROJECT TYPE:Fast fleet tankers

LOCATION:Jurong Island



HTS:Supply of multi-cable and pipeline transit system.

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