Canberra (LHD)

About the project

The Canberra class is a helicopter landing ship (LHD) built for the Royal Australian Navy. The Spanish design offered by Navantia was selected in 2007, for the construction of the ships from the keel to the flight deck.

Its construction was carried out in the facilities of Ferrol and Fene (Spain) and began in 2008.

Image courtesy of NAVANTIA S.A.

The deck measures 202.3 x 32 meters (664 x 105 ft) and stands at a height of 27.5 meters (90 ft), with six places for helicopters up to MRH-90 size to operate simultaneously. The 990-square-meter (10,700-square-foot) deck hangar accommodates eight medium-sized helicopters, and an additional ten can be carried if the light vehicle deck is used for additional helicopter space. Two aircraft elevators (a large one aft center and a smaller one to starboard and forward of the island superstructure) connect the flight deck to the hangar deck.

Hawke Transit System was the company in charge of carrying out the sealing of cables and pipes.


LOCATION:Ferrol and Fene (Spain)


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