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The continuous search for improvement as an unavoidable commitment to our clients

Hawke Transit System is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the development of the Hawke sealing system, the design of the system itself and its supply and installation.

Hawke Transit System has supplied its products in major projects in different industrial sectors around the world.

The Hawke Transit System was first developed 30 years ago to meet the harsh and dangerous demands of the North Sea oil industry.

It has since developed for use in many diverse industries successfully

Currently, Hawke Transit System has an extensive network of offices and distributors around the world. 

Hawke Transit System has a highly professional team with a deep knowledge of the markets in which it operates.

The international team of Hawke, ensures a rapid response to the most challenging demands of all our customers anywhere in the world.

Why use Hawke
Transit System?

For Hawke Transit System, safety comes first when designing and manufacturing a sealing system. Our System works as a fire barrier and maintains the integrity of a firewall through which cables and pipes pass.
The HTS will also seal and exhibit resistance against: Water, gas, smoke, vermin, radiation, chemicals, explosions, ultra violet light, electromagnetic interference and noise.

History Hawke Transit System

Hawke Transit System was created in March 2005, when the Hawke Transit System business unit was acquired from Hawke International by Fernández Jove. Hawke Transit System belongs to Fernández Jove Group, company founded in 1970. In 2010, the subsidiary Hawke Transit Asia was created with headquarters in Singapore to provide a better service to all our customers in the Asia area.

In June 2017, the subsidiary Hawke Transit UK was created in the United Kingdom, as a continuation of the improvement in the provision of services for all our customers.

Since July 2020, the company has a logistics warehouse in China to respond to the needs of our customers on the Asian continent.

The commitment to quality as a differential factor

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