Hawke MCT Products

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Hawke Transit Frames are available in mild steel, stainless steel, mainly. Other materials under request.
For specialist applications frames can be manufactured to suit customers specific requirements.
They can be manufactured as open frames for applications where the cable is already installed.
All possible combinations of dimensions and openings are supplied.


MCT Products

For marine use

For civil use

For electromagnetic compatibility

For cabinet seals

Sealing Components

pasamuros circulares civiles

Round transits


Assembly Parts


Accessories and Installation tools

Hawke Management Software

Elevate the efficiency and accuracy of your MCT projects with the advanced Hawke Management Software. This sophisticated tool is specifically designed to facilitate significant time and cost savings, ensuring an optimal approach to MCT Product deployments.

The software exemplifies excellence in facilitating streamlined installation designs, thereby markedly reducing the likelihood of errors in implementation.

We invite you to advance your MCT project management capabilities with Hawke Management Software – the quintessential tool for achieving superior, risk-averse, and cost-effective installation outcomes.


Hawke’s MCT products are engineered and manufactured to meet the most stringent standards demanded by the industry. The Hawke Transit System is backed by product approval certificates issued by various classification societies.

Elevate your standards with Hawke’s MCT Products – where quality meets certification and industry approval.


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