Hawke Transit System sealing solutions for the wind energy industry

A practical and effective solution in the most extreme conditions

Over recent years we have seen how our mountains, our valleys, our seas were filled with wind turbines. The wind energy industry has not stopped growing and the high energy demand of today’s society predicts that it will continue to grow in the coming decades.

These wind farms, both onshore and offshore, are exposed to multiple risks, to extreme weather conditions in many cases. The need for a reliable cable transit system that is quick and easy to install and inspect is self-evident. Hawke sealing system is well known among wind energy players, installers, engineers for its unrivaled quality, easy installation, flexibility and inspectability and for not generating waste that could pose a risk to the installation.

In extreme conditions, these features make a vital difference to other modular cable and pipe sealing systems.

Hawke offers sealing solutions for any type of wind energy project, perfectly adapting to the needs of the project. Sealing solutions for offshore wind farms, onshore farms and for Wind turbines that protect installations in severe environmental conditions against fire, gas leaks, water pressure or corrosion.

The wind industry has in the Hawke Transit System a partner they can trust for the many future projects that lie ahead.

Over the years, Hawke Transit System sealing solutions have been chosen for large-scale projects such as, among others, Wikinger, Iberdrola’s first wind farm in the Baltic Sea.

Opened in 2018, this offshore wind farm supplies renewable and highly efficient energy to 350,000 German homes. A large-scale project that has relied on Hawke’s modular systems for sealing cables and pipes.

The wind industry has in the Hawke Transit System a partner they can trust for the many future projects that lie ahead.

Click here for more information on Wikinger project.

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