We implemented a new cybersecurity system to protect Hawke Transit System effectively against cyberattacks

We shield our systems against possible cyberattacks

As a company dedicated to developing sealing systems for cables and pipes that protect the integrity of walls and bulkheads, we are committed to security in general, and to cybersecurity in particular, as one of the most important aspects today to guarantee security of companies.

Throughout the last year at Hawke Transit System we have worked continuously to protect our computer system from external attacks, achieving great effectiveness. After the last actions carried out, we have completed the implementation process and we can affirm that our systems at the present time show great robustness to repel cyberattacks.

After this implementation phase, we now begin a process of monitoring and continuous updating of the system.

The actions carried out protect us from Malware, Ransomware and Phishing attacks, among others. Despite this, we continue to be exposed to attacks that, through the use of fraudulent emails, impersonate the identity of our employees and managers to carry out cyber scams.

These types of actions have become very common in recent years, putting many companies in difficult situations.

To combat these processes, we have worked together with the security company Cantabria Conecta to implement the digital certification of our emails. All emails from our company will have a digital certification that will verify their authenticity.

All those emails that do not contain the certification cannot be considered authentic. Checking this authenticity will be as simple as clicking on the stamp that will accompany the signature.

The scourge of cyberattacks has not stopped growing in recent years and although many companies are taking measures in this regard, it is necessary to keep our guard up at all times and not stop updating.

The certification of emails is a very good measure to avoid identity theft and to avoid exposing our company to cyber scams.

We encourage you all to take the necessary measures to combat this problem by implementing effective defenses in your company such as the digital certificate for all emails.

Cyber ​​attacks affect us all, by protecting your company you help protect the entire network of companies and individuals with which you work.

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