The reason for the need for modular sealing systems for cables and pipes in Data Centers

Security requirements in data processing centers make installation of totally reliable cable and pipe sealing systems a must

Sealing Systems for cables

The start-up of a data processing center (DPC) requires considering a large set of factors to guarantee the security demands required by institutions and potential clients. Within the security requirements that are necessary in the construction of a new CPD, physical threats are a factor to be taken into account since they can affect it in different ways.

Both natural disasters, such as floods or electrical storms, as well as industrial disasters, fires, chemical agents, or other types of threats such as rodents or electromagnetic pollution, can put the DPC at risk and, by extension, all the data stored in it.

Several studies highlight the potential threat to these centers of contamination by waste of different materials that can pose a risk of fire or hardware failure.

The use of security systems that protect DPCs structures against these threats is not advisable, but rather must be installed.

Within the structure of these constructions, the passages of cables and pipes represent the weakest points of the structure. Hence the need for a sealing system that guarantees security against the aforementioned threats and the integrity of walls.

The Hawke Transit System modular sealing systems are presented as the ideal solution for this type of construction, guaranteeing the complete sealing of the transits, which protect against floods, fires, rodent infestations, smoke, etc. In the same way, it is a system that does not generate waste and considerably reduces the probability of accidents, such as fires, and the possible contamination of critical structures.

 Hawke Transit System modular sealing systems
Hawke Transit Systems sealing solutions at Santander Bank DPC, in Solares, Cantabria.

The reliability of our sealing system has made us participate in highly relevant projects such as the DPC of Santander Bank. A center of more than 6000m2 where the Hawke sealing system has been used in drinking water, hot water and gas systems and in electrical, communication and data lines.

In the construction of a DPC the need for modular cable and pipe sealing systems cannot be overlooked. The reliability of our system, its speed of installation and its rapid inspection make it a safe bet for this type of construction.

Meet our sealing solutions for CPDs.

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