Sealing solutions for cables and pipes; an unavoidable need in new civil construction

Airports, train stations, sports halls, CPDs, shopping centers, hospitals, laboratories … All these buildings have in common the high traffic of people they host, which means that they must meet the highest safety standards. All of them also have their weak point in common; cables and pipes pass through its walls, and those passages, lacking a correct seal, can endanger the entire construction.

The need for cable sealing systems is not new. It has been used in buildings exposed to extreme situations for several decades, mainly in the naval sector and in the oil and gas sector. Warships, oil rigs, nuclear plants, refineries … all of them buildings that cannot afford leaks of potentially dangerous exogenous agents that put safety at risk. Therefore, they require the highest quality cable and pipe sealing systems, because a leak in a poorly sealed cable or pipe transit endangers the integrity of the entire wall, in addition, of the entire construction.

Installation sealing system

The current trend suggests in the near future the mandatory prescription of these sealing systems for the transit of cables and pipes in all civil construction, which, without a doubt, will drag architects and engineers to their prescription and installers to its necessary use and to work hand in hand with companies such as Hawke Transit System.

The security they offer will benefit not only the installers, who will find the guarantee that the installed cables and pipes will not suffer any damage in their transit through the walls and floors of the construction, but also all people that are in that construction during a risk situation, since the integrity of those walls will be guaranteed.

Cable and pipe sealing systems have come to stay and it will be good for architects, engineers and installers to take good note of it, since they are going to become a very necessary tool for all of them.

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