SBM Offshore and Hawke Transit System join forces to revolutionise FPSO shipbuilding in China with Fast4Ward® programme

Fast4Ward® is a series of 7 FPSO vessels built for SBM Offshore in some of the most important shipyards in China (SWS & CMHI).

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The F4W vessel has more deck space than a standard FPSO, allowing it to accommodate up to 50,000 tonnes of operating platforms (subject to specific reservoir characteristics) and future tie-backs and storage of up to 2.3 million barrels.

The FPSO has a service life of 30 years of uninterrupted operation, is suitable for internal turret, external turret or dispersed tie-back configurations.

Hawke Transit System (HTS) was selected as the only brand specified for Multi Cable / Pipe Transit (MCT) by actively collaborating with SBM and the shipyard builders on this pioneering programme, FPSO Liza Destiny Fast4Ward H1468, with the design, manufacture and supply of our cable and pipe sealing system (MCT).

The key benefits of Fast4Ward® are reduced energy supply cycle time, reduced project risk, improved quality and safety and improved profitability for deepwater projects.

In addition, Fast4Ward™ incorporates digital solutions and emerging technologies, enabling continuous advancement of our solutions. The unique Fast4Ward™ execution model also improves the performance and resource optimisation of our project team.

Hawke’s specification has been made for the entire F4W series for high compatibilities with project requirements due to its enormous benefits, which guarantee the highest level of performance and safety in terms of watertightness, fire resistance, reliability, ease of installation, serviceability and inspectability, while incorporating our HMS software for wall bushing design.

To achieve this, SBM Offshore’s expertise has been harnessed to standardise the design and execution of projects, facilitating repeatability and efficiency.

It is a Bureau Veritas and ABS approved design that features more space in the hull installations by lowering the modules for better access for maintenance, while improving safety and adapting to a wide market, with flexibility to suit the specific needs of a project.

Throughout the project, the performance of the HAWKE transit system was excellent, SBM, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Offshore (SWS) Shipyard, as well as CMHI Shipyard together with their subcontractors, successfully collaborated with HAWKE for good management and efficiency in relation to supply, documentation, monitoring service and sealing analysis, as well as product quality.

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