Providing Reliable Sealing Solutions for the Cruise Industry

Hawke Transit System has been a trusted partner in the cruise industry for many years, providing top-of-the-line sealing systems for a variety of ships.

One of our most notable partnerships has been with Fincantieri, a leading shipbuilding company that has manufactured some of the most luxurious mega cruise ships in the world. Our involvement in Fincantieri’s cruise ships has been extensive, providing sealing systems that meet all technical requirements and ensure the safety and reliability of the vessels.

Our experienced engineers can check the current installations and propose more efficient sealing alternatives to our clients, providing a complete package of supply. We also offer engineering’s analysis to ensure our HTS’s meets all technical specifications.

Our Specialist Technical Service allows the customer to be confident that their facilities and equipment where our sealing systems are installed will have expert advice, which will ensure that the performance is correct and that it will long-lasting.

At Hawke Transit System, we are committed to providing our clients with the best technical support, available stock, and customized solutions to solve any new or unforeseen need that may arise during the life of its installation or equipment. Our involvement in Fincantieri’s cruise ships is evidence to our dedication to providing top-quality sealing systems for the cruise industry.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help you achieve your own energy goals.

If you want to know more projects which we have participated in, don’t hesitate to visit this page.

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