Reaffirming our commitment to sustainability as an unquestionable business practice

A company committed to the future of our planet

A few days ago we saw the closing of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Conference in which all the commitments that we would have liked have not been reached, but which certainly represents a small advance in that task of all of us that is to leave our children an habitable planet. From Hawke Transit System we want to reaffirm our commitment to sustainability as an unquestionable business practice. We have implemented a green transition within the company in order to limit the use of potentially polluting materials in the coming years.

Our sealing blocks are designed not to produce waste during installations, avoiding on-site contamination and possible safety risks due to the accumulation of waste in environments that require the highest safety standards.

Committed to the future of our forests
Committed to the future of our forests

Our entire company policy for the future in the short, medium and long term is focused on achieving the total sustainability of our actions and on enhancing the commitment of our team in these practices both inside and outside the workplace.

In these days so transcendental for the future of our planet, any small advance and commitment, of any small company or individual, supposes a necessary support to the necessary global task of managing to leave a habitable planet for future generations.

Hawke is fully committed as a company to this endeavor.

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