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For sealing spaces through which no cables or pipes pass, we recommend using MCT’s with blank blocks.

Yes, our blocks have a 5-point contact sealing system that allows both 4 mm sealing tolerance and sealing on irregular cables, pipes or multipipes without any modification on the block.

Yes, we provide technical support or assistance throughout the life of the MCT.

Yes, is quite easy to modificate the system after the installation. In addition to the tolerant blocks, the frame needs to be fulfilled with black blocks. If you need to modificate the system, these blocks can be replaced by tolerant blocks to seal a new cable or pipe.

The halves of the blocks are colored because it is the Hawke color-coding block system that make the installation easier, as the installer only has to assemble the two halves of the blocks that have the same color. In addition to this, the sealing range is marked on both exposed sides of the block.

For more information, please see HAWKE Catalogue page 9.

The Hawke color-coding block system provides a complete inspection even after the assembling has been completed. Measure the outer diameter of the cable and ensure that the diameter is within the cable range marked on the front of the rubber module or coded by the colour code of the module If the color of both halves of the blocks matches, that means that the installation is correct.

For more detailed instructions, please see Installation Instructions in HAWKE Catalogue (pages 158-168)

All the components are provided by HTS although the ratchet tool is a standard tooling that can be got in any hardware store or similar.

For more information, please see HAWKE Catalogue

The following tools/accessories are available at HAWKE and greatly facilitate the installation of the MCT:

  • Lubricant: needed to make it easier for the blocks to slide inside the frame during installation.
  • Compression tool: This reusable tool is required to push the entire block system down into the frame so that the endpacker of the compression system can be inserted. This exclusive tool greatly facilitate the installation of the MCT.
  • Mastic/Silicone: Necessary for screwed/bolted frames, it seals any type of gap that may remain between the wall and the frame.
  • Puller: Optional reusable tool when you want to make a modification of the system after being installed, it facilitates the extraction of the endpacker.
  • Welding tool: Optional reusable tool to facilitate the welding of the frame to a metal plate/deck/bulkhead avoiding possible deformations.
  • Clamp tool: Optional reusable tool to ease the installation in different ways: in horizontal, partial or very saturated installations.

For more information, please see HAWKE Catalogue