Cable and Pipe Seals for Royal Australian Navy AOR Ships

Hawke Transit System cables and pipes installed seals offer protection against multiple hazards, including EMP, EMI and resistance to detonating charges.

The Supply-class ships, Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR), are two new ships built by the Spanish company Navantia for the Royal Australian Navy. The ships have been designed for different functions such as supplying dry cargo, fuel, food, water, ammunition, equipment and spare parts to naval or combat forces deployed during missions at sea.

The new AOR vessels were purchased by the Royal Australian Navy to provide maritime support under Phase three of the SEA 1654 programme, which is intended to replace its replenishment vessels

These Supply-class ships can be used to combat environmental pollution at sea, provide logistical support to the armed forces, and support humanitarian and relief operations after natural disasters.

Australia awarded a $640 million contract to Navantia for the construction and delivery of the two AOR vessels in May 2016.
The HMAS Supply, the first of these two vessels, was launched at the company’s Ferrol facilities in November 2018. The vessel’s sea acceptance tests were completed in August 2020, while its commissioning took place in April of 2021.

The vessels were built with a double hull design in accordance with the requirement of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

They are logistics support ships equipped with fuel tanks, which allow multiple ships to be refueled and refueled simultaneously, and dry cargo holds in which to store; ammunition, spare parts, food (dry, refrigerated and frozen), as well as pharmaceuticals and medicines.

The Fernández Jove Group has been immersed in this project with the collaboration of the group’s companies, offering their value proposition.

Hawke Transit System supplied the modular sealing systems for cable and pipe transits. The installed sealing systems provide protection against multiple risks, including electromagnetic pulses and interference and resistance to detonating charges.

The choice of our modular sealing systems for cables and pipes responds to the confidence in the quality of our product, the speed of installation that it offers, as well as for facilitating inspection and modification throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

The installation of modular sealing systems for the transit of cables and pipes in the warship sector has become a necessity to guarantee the safety of these ships, often exposed to extreme situations, and of their crew members.

FJ| Integral Supply defining the engineering and routing, installation and testing of all the ship’s hydraulic systems: elevators, watertight doors, servo-rudder, deck machinery, telelevels, instrumentation, etc.

In addition to the supply of instrumentation panels and the commissioning of the following systems:

• Hydraulic systems for control of sliding and hinged doors.

• Complete hydraulic valve control system.

• Complete electrical valve control system.

• Quick closing valve system.

All these systems made up of our own manufactured valves, under the highest market standards, SAVAL | Marine Valves.

Meet our sealing solutions for navy vessels.

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