Marine Round Transits System

MCT’s – Standard

The Hawke Round Transit System is designed for the sealing of cable and pipes that pass through circular openings providing an effective seal against fire, gas, water, etc.

The HRTO version is an open version for applications where the cables/pipes are already installed.


In practise this means that a small number of blocks can accomodate the full range of standard cable sizes. There is less inventory to manage and the installation procedure is much faster and simpler than competing systems.

Manufactured in zero halogen materials.

Hawke is the only colour coded system for the blocks, which allows you to check if the two halves of the block have been correctly selected by the installer.

Hawke Round Transit (HRST)

Certified for Marine applications.

Hawke HRST is a round sealing solution for a single/pipe passing through a wall or bulkhead/deck.

Each size of HRST frame can seal a large range of diameters without any onsite modifications.

To seal services from 4mm to 170mm of external diameter (standard version). More sizes under request.

Hawke Round Transit (HRTO)

Hawke Round Transit (HRTO)
Certified for both Civil and Marine applications.

The HRTO has been designed to be sealed using standard Hawke tolerant blocks, Hawke HRTO provide effectively sealing of cables and pipes through a circular aperture.

Hawke HRTO is supplied as an OPEN frame, so that it can be installed after laying the cables or pipes.

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