Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

Stray signal/noise cannot pass through the conductive EMC and pass to earth. Tolerant and filler blocks have a cable range of 3mm to 100mm and are coated with a high conductive material.

Copper tape provides high conductive path from cable screen to earth. Frame zinc plated or stainless steel to allow conductivity from blocks to earth.

Simple preparation of cable and assembly of system without modification of insert blocks onsite.

Unique cable transit system ideal for navy

The HTS cable/pipe tolerant blocks have been designed with a degree of flexibility to accommodate variances in cable diameters. With a small number of blocks it is possible accommodate the full range of standard cables sizes. This allows a much simpler and faster installation and inspection procedures than offered by other systems and fewer inventories.

Tolerant block size range

Made of zero halogen, intumescent elastomeric polymer. Produced in modular form to accommodate a compact range of blocks sizes. They have five sealing faces that are displaced by the sealing process to give a tolerance of to 4 mm for cable diameters. The blocks are coated with conductive silver paint to protect against any noise or electrical interference.

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