Cabinet Seals


HAWKE H-HC is a cable sealing solution exclusive to HAWKE Transit System, designed to seal electrical panels and cabinets against external conditions.

Following the same design as the standard HAWKE sealing system, the H-HC system is designed for junction boxes and electrical cabinets with reduced dimensions.


The H-HC frame is manufactured with a 5 cm flange. This flange can be placed centrally in the frame or offset on one side. Available in two sizes, 60 and 120 mm wide (internal).

  • Made of mild steel or stainless steel.
  • To be installed (bolted) inside or outside the panels and cabinets.
  • To be sealed with plugs and standard HAWKE compression system, stayplates and lubricant.
  • No additional tools required for installation.
  • Different sizes.


Standard blocks for sealing cables between 15 mm and 60 mm. The blocks are colour-coded to facilitate inspection and avoid installation mistakes.

  • No modification is required during installation. Zero waste materials.
  • Four adjustment points (sealing slots) inside the inner faces of the plug ensure proper contact along the cable/piping.
  • The maximum and minimum sealing range is marked on the plugs. In addition, the color code allows for proper visual inspection.

Filler blocks

Blocks designed to seal the cable clearances in the frame. This allows for the installation of new cables in the future within the same frame.

Compression system

It is the final element of the frame installation. By tightening the compression screws, the frame is sealed.

Accessories and Installation Tools

Hawke Transit System provides the customer with the tools and accessories to complete and assist in the installation of the Hawke Transit System H-HC for sealing electrical panels and cabinets.

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