Cabinet Seals


Made of aluminium. To be installed (bolted) inside or outside the panels and cabinets.
To be equipped with Hawke plugs of the DM series, stayplates and lubricant (ref 967).
To be sealed with Hawke compression system (CSDM – 120/S compression kit).
No additional tools required for installation.
3 different sizes.

*Guaranteed IP66 and IP67 rating*


H-DM frames are made in aluminum to be installed (bolted) inside or outside the panelboards and electrical cabinets.
Three diferent sizes.

Tolerant Blocks

Standard tolerant blocks for cable sealing between 15 mm and 60 mm. The H-DM system blocks have color coding to facilitate inspection and avoid installation mistakes.

Filler blocks

Blocks made of the same material as the standard blocks and designed to seal the free spaces of cables of the frame. This allows the installation of new cables in the future within the same framework.

Compression system (CSDM 120/S compression kit)

It is the final element of the frame installation. Tightening the compression screws achieves sealing of the frame.

Accessories and Installation Tools

Hawke Transit System provides the customer with the tools and accessories to complete and assist in the installation of the Hawke Transit System H-DM system for the sealing of panels and electrical cabinets.

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