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Marine Transit Systems

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Marine Frames/Sleeves

Marine Frames/Sleeves MCT’s – Marine Hawke Transit System frames, both rectangular and circular, are designed for use in marine environments with maximum sealing guarantees. Rectangular frames Sleeves Rectangular Frames Hawke Transit Frames are available in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Certified for marine applications. For specialist applications frames can be manufactured to suit customers …

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Type HMX (For Marine Applications), thickness 10mm without Flange. These types of frames are to be welded to the bulk or deck following the installation instructions of Hawke Transit System´s catalogue.


Has a 60mm wide flange and is available in the same materials and finishes as HMX frames. For overall dimensions of HMFX frames add 120mm (allowance for flange) to those given for standard HMX frames.


A standard HMX frame extended using a welded collar. For use in corrugated bulkheads or to fit the frame above deck level. For overall dimensions of HMEX frames add 20mm to external measurements of Standard HMX frames.


For sealing cable routes in uninsulated HO rated areas or similar applications. Add 20mm to external dimensions of standard HMX frames to determinate overall width and height.


For stressed area applications, end fillet pieces with radius corners are added to the HMX frame.


Marine Frames With Round R30 Corners. Very useful for narrow areas in bulkheads and decks. Our HMCX has multidimensional openings.


Rectangular frame for marine applications with removable end which allows to be installed around existing cables and pipes. Made from 10mm thickness steel.


Rectangular frame with flange for marine applications. Made from 10mm thickness steel with a 60mm flange.


Blocks MCT’s – Standard On each of the two exposed block faces minimum and maximum diameters are clearly marked. This indicates the specific sealing range of the block size. Each individual block has a colour coded face, this ensures that each size and pair of tolerant block halves is always correctly matched to the cable diameter. Hawke´s …

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