Innovation, talent and entrepreneurship:

The Fire Cluster, CIF Cantabria inaugurates its new facilities on Paseo del Niño in Torrelavega. 

 In the presence of the Minister of Industry, Tourism, Innovation, Transport and Commerce of the Government of Cantabria, Javier López Marcano and with:

“the main objective of supporting companies in Cantabria to improve their competitiveness through innovation and internationalization, and create a pole of the knowledge industry in Torrelavega around fire safety engineering”,

words of the cluster General Manager, Gemma Ortiz, a full-scale fire laboratory was inaugurated on Friday 26 March.

This laboratory is equipped with equipment of a singular and complementary nature for conducting tests of both resistance and reaction to fire. 

Hawke Transit System and Burnetts Hispania, belonging to the Fernández Jove Group, founding partners and promoters of the initiative, provided their old facilities available to the Cluster.

Reformed with the help of SODERCAN, they have a large-scale calorimeter, unique in the Spanish university system. This calorimeter is used for measuring variables related to fire manifestations, and which will soon also be accompanied by a large-scale fire oven. 

In the presence of the General Director of Industry, Daniel Alvear; the mayor of Torrelavega, Javier López Estrada; as well as the president of CIF, Arsenio Manzanares; and representatives of all the partners of the cluster (the Fundación Centro Tecnológico de Componentes CTC; SODERCAN; the University of Cantabria; Puertas ROPER; ITM Global; SDS Stop Fuego and Perlines-Consulting Insurance)

This facility, unique in Spain, makes Cantabria and its industrial fabric increasingly international, more avant-garde and better positioned to generate employment, raise funds Europeans dedicated to innovation and technological development and that Torrelavega has a project in which innovation and research; business and the university; the public and private sectors; work together thus generating knowledge, employment and competitiveness.

Undoubtedly, a day in which the entire team of Hawke Transit System, Burnett Hispania and the other companies of Grupo Fernández Jove feel proud and prepared for the challenges that the future holds. 

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