The best design software for transit systems

Hawke Management Software makes the design of your cable transit projects quick and easy, it calculates the list of materials and distribution automatically, while maintaining traceability of all cable data, saturation percentages per area, etc.

With HMS it is possible to import projects and cable data from an external file, managing thousands of cables and transits in a few clicks and obtaining material lists, detailed transit drawings and different types of transit projects and reports.

Efficient installation

Calculate the best combination of materials.

Manual configuration

Modify and adapt configurations manually.

Preferences selection

Export material lists, reports and installations drawings.

Cloud technology

Any device synchronisation, multi-user operation and security.

Project Preview

Preview the transit with colour coded blocks.

On-site modification

Modify cables positions directly on the drawings.

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Our software has the best features

  • Cloud technology.
  • Save time designing your projects.
  • Manage a large number of cables and transits.
  • Import cable schedule and project data.
  • Calculate automatically or manually the best material configuration.
  • Export list of materials, reports and installation drawings.
  • Modify the position of cables directly on the drawing.
  • Preview the project with the colour code system of the blocks.
  • Export a project summary to request a quotation quickly.
  • Share all projects through an internal server.





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Cloud technology


The new cloud working functionality offers these features:
  • Data accessible from any location and/or device with internet connection.
  • Your information will be completely protected.
  • You will be able to share your designs, working with your partners simultaneously and in synchronization, working on a single version.
  • System updates are automatic, so you will always work with the latest version.
If you are looking for the fastest and smartest way to design your cable transit projects, please contact us by filling in this form and we will provide you with access credentials.

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