MCT’s – Standard

Manufactured in zero halogen materials.
Hawke is the only colour coded system for the blocks, which allows you to check if the two halves of the block have been correctly selected by the installer.

On each of the two exposed block faces minimum and maximum diameters are clearly marked. This indicates the specific sealing range of the block size.

Each individual block has a colour coded face, this ensures that each size and pair of tolerant block halves is always correctly matched to the cable diameter. Hawke´s unique inspectable colour coded blocks ensure that the top and bottom half of each block has been correctly matched for size.

Hawke cable/pipe tolerant blocks have been designed with a degree of flexibility in order to accommodate variances in cable diameters. Additionally this flexibility enables each Hawke block size to accept a range of cable or pipe diameters.

Available in seven block sizes accomodating service diameters from 3 mm to 100 mm, Hawke Blocks are marked with minimum and maximum cable diameters e.g. block size to accept cable diameters from 18 mm up to maximum of 21 mm.

gama tacos hawke

In practise this means that a small number of blocks can accomodate the full range of standard cable sizes. There is less inventory to manage and the installation procedure is much faster and simpler than competing systems.

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