Duct Seal

Hawke Duct Seal is a sealing system for cables passing through ducts or pipes, which ensures cabling is protected from water, smoke, corrosive chemicals, rodents and debris.

Tried and tested in the field, Duct Seal is suitable for a wide range of cable including fibre optics, electrical wire, twisted pair or coax…

Its typical applications range from telecommunications to power distribution.



  • Each Duct Seal is provided with up to 4 apertures for cables or grommets.
  • Designed to be installed on both ends of a duct or pipe.
  • Available with integral test valve with unique central position maintaining utilization of all 4 ports, unlike other products in the market.
  • Available in open version (Duct Seal and plugs) for retrofit installations, when cables are already in position
  • Manufactured in elastomer polymer with stainless steel front and back plates, with nickel plated brass valves, which consequently prevents corrosion.
  • No extra tools are required for its installation.
  • The 50/11 6 50/13 duct seals give an airtight and watertight seal up to 2 bar. 4 port design tested to 1 bar as standard.
  • Suitable for ducting used within concrete maintenance chambers, kerb side cabinets and civil installations.

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